Why I Recommend Attending the M-Enabling Summit…

"A level of energy and sharing of solutions and innovation rarely seen at technology conferences: Anyone involved in mobile communications serving seniors and users of all abilities, benefits from participating in the M-Enabling Summit.” – Susan Mazrui, Public Policy, AT&T

“Great interaction among industry, application developers, users, corporations, advocacy organization experts and public sector executives: The M-Enabling Summit truly supports innovation and networking opportunities among all participants!” Julie Kearney, VP, Regulatory Affairs, Consumer Technology Association

“The M-Enabling Summit was a great venue for discussing the critical issue of making mobile accessible for all. As technology advances, mobile adoption increases, regulations get stronger and demographics change: the resulting convergence will make mobile accessibility a critical imperative for many industries." Andrew MacIsaac, IBM Research

“Promoting the accessibility of mobile phones and of assistive technologies on mobile devices is a top priority for all States Parties implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. All stakeholders involved, telecom regulators, mobile service providers, handset vendors and application developers must work together proactively to ensure that mobile technologies can fully benefit all persons with disabilities. I very much look forward to the M-Enabling Summit helping establish such dialogue.” – Mohammed Al-Tarawneh, Inaugural Chairperson, United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

“TDI is proud to be part of such a prestigious collaboration that will take place at this year’s M-Enabling Summit, dedicated to promoting accessible and assistive mobile solutions around the world. In an age where everything local is global, this presents a rare opportunity to share best practices and advance accessibility policy no matter where we go.” – Claude Stout, Executive Director, Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (TDI)

“The mobile phone has quickly become one of the key tools for modern society. Just as with the Web, persons with disabilities expect equal access to mobile phones. And just as with the Web, mobile developers can use accessibility solutions to make their products and services better reach all of their customers, including people with disabilities.” – Judy Brewer, Director, Web Accessibility Initiative at the World Wide Web Consortium

“Ensuring the availability of mobile applications and services to the largest number of users, including individuals with disabilities and older Americans, can best be achieved if all interested stakeholders work together to find and implement accessibility solutions: mobile service providers, equipment and software application developers, persons with disabilities, researchers, and accessibility experts. We look forward to the upcoming M-Enabling Summit, which will facilitate such dialogue and exchange of information among these various groups.” – Karen Peltz Strauss, Deputy Chief, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, Federal Communications Commission

"Mobile phones have brought accessibility literally into the palms of persons with disabilities and senior citizens: Their compatibility with assistive technologies and the fact that they are relatively affordable, easy to use and offer instant communication makes them universally a very powerful tool." – Nirmita Narasimhan, Disability Rights Advocate, Policy Director, Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore

“The Summit was absolutely fantastic, this year’s edition better even than last year’s.” – Ricardo Garcia Bahamonde, Strategic Development Director, AMAC Accessibility Solutions & Research Center

“Our focus at Sprint continues to be on how we can develop the very best in accessible technology, understand consumer needs and trends, and to ensure a level playing field for all communication needs. The M-Enabling Summit offers invaluable insight to help organizations like Sprint, do just that.” – Mike Ellis, National Director, Sprint Nextel

“The M-Enabling Summit is a great opportunity for technologists to come together with policy makers and work on creating justice and opportunity in the mobile age.” – Sarah Clatterbuck, Director, Web Development, LinkedIn Corporation

“The M-Enabling Global Summit is becoming a must-attend event for anyone interested in the ever changing and advancing mobile product and services market place. With a focus on persons with disabilities and an aging population, it provides meaningful and timely access to the latest thinking and progress in making mobile accessible for all." Glenn Meyer, HP Accessibility & Aging



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