Digital Inclusion:
Strategies for Equal Opportunities

Attracting leading advocates, corporate executives and accessibility professionals involved in digital inclusion, the M-Enabling Summit is an all-inclusive conference and showcase offering rich networking opportunities, fostering innovative technology that benefits more than one-billion Persons with Disabilities and an expanding population of aging adults globally.

With its theme of “Digital Inclusion: Strategies for Equal Opportunities,” the 2022 M-Enabling Summit, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, will explore the latest innovations and major trends in business, government and education that are accelerating the pursuit of universal accessibility for digital products, contents, and services. Convened annually in Washington, D.C., the M-Enabling Summit brings together key decision makers from all sectors facilitating unique exchanges, collaborations, solutions-sharing and thought leadership activities.

The 2022 M-Enabling Summit features panel discussions, open conversations with disrupters in digital inclusion, instant polls, networking meetups, brainstorming and live debates among advocacy leaders, business executives, and technology providers.

On day three of the Summit, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) will host a thought leadership Expert Forum on strategies to scale up digital accessibility implementations.

Online participation in the pre-Summit Innovation Sprint working groups is encouraged and open to all interested parties.  Remote access to key session recordings will be available post-Summit.

The M-Enabling Summit is committed to working with the venue, service providers, and vendors to a â€œhealth safety first” approach throughout all phases of event production and onsite execution.  Health safety protocols will be updated periodically, based on applicable CDC and local authorities’ recommendations for public meetings.

Key Topics

  • Deploying digital inclusion strategies in the Organization
  • Scaling up digital accessibility with Automation and AI: Challenges and opportunities  
  • The acceleration of video and TV accessibility innovation across digital platforms
  • Next steps for digital accessibility policies and standards 
  • Innovation at work: XR, metaverse, wearables, micro-electronics, NFC 
  • Broadband connectivity for work, education, and independent living 
  • Technology and services for accessible virtual workplaces 
  • Policy perspectives on digital inclusion  
  • Generational and intersectional digital gaps 
  • Neurotech and Brain-Computer Interfaces for assistive solutions 
  • Inclusive digital marketing and customer services solutions 
  • Open dialogues with digital inclusion movers and shakers 
  • The rising impact of global trends in digital accessibility 
  • Advocates’ perspectives on future directions for digital accessibility innovation 
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Listening to end user’s experience 
  • Smart mobility solutions for persons with disabilities and older persons
  • Drivers and solutions for inclusive digital gaming
  • Users as digital creators: Perspectives on accessibility and self-expression


What Attendees Have to Say About the Summit:

A great forum for accessibility newcomers and veterans to share best practices, learn, and make new connections.” 

Hale Pulsifer, Customer Accessibility Lead, Fidelity Investments 

Quite frankly, one of the most interesting and well-organized accessibility-themed conferences that I have attended in recent years.

Steven Winters, Policy Advisor, Transport Canada

Informative and keeps the community pressing for improved accessibility.

Harry Denby, Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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