M-Enabling Summit 2023 selected sessions are available on demand on the Performedia platform at no cost. 

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Plenary Sessions

  • Welcome & Opening Remarks, M-Enabling Summit 2023
  • Opening Keynote: “The New Chapter for AI” by Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft. Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Axel Leblois, President and CEO, G3ict.
  • Round Table: How AI Is Transforming the Digital Accessibility Eco-system. Moderator: Mark Walker, Head of Marketing & Communications, AbilityNet
  • Keynote: “Launching a Standard for Accessible and Equitable Artificial Intelligence Systems,” by Jutta Treviranus, Ph.D., Chair, ASC Standard Committee and Director, Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC), OCAD University. Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Pina D’Intino, Senior Accessibility Adviser, Aequum Global Access.
  • Keynote: “Harnessing the Velocity of Constant Change to Advance Accessibility,” by Peter Korn, Director of Accessibility, Amazon Devices and Services. Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Axel Leblois, President and CEO, G3ict.
  • IAAP Expert Forum – Welcome Remarks
  • IAAP Expert ForumRound Table: Leadership Perspectives | Building Accessibility for Authentic Inclusion. Moderator: Victor Calise, Director, Global Culture, Equity and Inclusion, Walmart; National/International Accessibility Leader/Paralympian.
  • IAAP Expert ForumData Blitz: Accessibility Inclusive Reporting | Does KPI Data Drive Decisions? Moderator: Katy Talikowska, CEO, The Valuable 500.

A11y Chats

  • Creating an Industry-Consumer Alliance
  • Mitigating Disability Bias in AI
  • Smart Cities for All
  • Bridging the Disability Divide Through Code Collaboration
  • Adaptive and Accessible Tech – Now and the Future with United Spinal Association 
  • Emojis and Accessibility: What’s Possible?
  • Five Musts for Inclusive Social Media Content
  • The Way Forward: Empowering Accessibility with the Canadian National Institute of the Blind
  • Self-Service Technology Regulations
  • EDF & IAAP Overlay Statement
  • Want to Achieve Accessibility and Inclusion? Let the Disability Community Tell You How.
  • New Capabilities for Assistive Technologies in 2024…and in 2040!
  • The Navigator: A Disability Inclusion Implementation Tool
  • The State of Overlays
  • CEOs Accessibility Engagement
  • Breaking Barriers to Digital Inclusion with the American Foundation for the Blind
  • U.S. State and Local Laws and Policies for Digital Accessibility
  • The Purple Vest – Leave No One Behind
  • Why I Invested in Getting the Certified Professional Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) Professional Certification
  • Inclusive Procurement
  • The Innovative Role of Private Sector in Promoting Disability Inclusion through National Digital Economies: The Best Practice of Barrier Break of India

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