Dedicated to Digital and Built Environment Inclusion

M-Enabling, a division of G3ict, is dedicated to inclusion through accessibility for all.

G3ict strives to align with WCAG version 2.1. All digital application and content testing is performed by accessibility experts and direct end-user feedback.  Both automated-testing and manual-testing protocols are part of the development and maintenance lifecycle.  A variety of assistive technology, tools and techniques are used during the testing (e.g., screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition, color contrast analyzers, keyboard-only navigation). 

At G3ict, we are committed to buying the most accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) products or services. G3ict procurement policy indicates that department purchases the most accessible version of any product or service, thus engaging the vendor when necessary for all accessibility improvement required. Accessibility demos are required before purchase.

G3ict is committed to accessibility and universal design for the built environment and public spaces as per the dispositions of the United Nations Convention to the Right of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and Technical Guide to A11y Standard for the Design of Public Spaces and the International Best Practices in Universal Design: A Global Review – 2007 Editions.

How Can We Help?

Feedback is helpful in identifying accessibility and usability issues.  The M-Enabling team welcomes your comments, questions or feedback to our website, services, and products. We will work to assist you in a timely manner.

Please notify us by using email