Accommodation Services Available:

  • The dedicated Accessibility Desk, located in the main lobby of the conference level close to the main registration desk, offers several services, including sighted conference guiding by volunteers and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation during registration, breaks and Showcase Area visits.
  • Volunteers and ASL interpreters will be identified by conference blue vests and badges. 
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation will be provided in all plenary and breakout sessions.
  • Real Time Captioning (CART) will be available in all sessions on screen and with URL for mobile or personal computer viewing.
  • A hard copy printed Braille version of the conference agenda summary can be picked up at the Accessibility Desk if requested in advance at the time of registration. 
  • Braille Ready Format (BRF) summary file of the agenda, opens in a new window and program, opens in a new window for download and refreshable Braille usage.
  • Assistive listening devices will be available in each conference room.
  • Transparent Face Masks will be provided to attendees to allow for lip reading, courtesy of FaceView Masks.
  • The hotel has a designated service animal relief area – there is Green Space surrounding the building outside on the lobby level; additionally, watering stations on both the conference level and the lobby level will be available.
  • Indoor Navigation System: Two indoor navigation platforms are available for conference attendees 
    • RightHear – The RightHear free app on iOS and Android, allows its users to get audible descriptions of the environment around them as they walk around throughout the conference area. The app is available in 26 different languages and has already been deployed in over 2,000 locations worldwide. To learn more, please visit the RightHear website. 
    • GoodMaps – Use GoodMaps Explore accessible indoor navigation app. The bottom two floors of the Renaissance are mapped for attendees to use during their stay and visit at M-Enabling. The GoodMaps Explore app utilizes revolutionary LiDAR indoor mapping and camera-based positioning to provide step by step directions indoors. It is like GPS for outdoor but indoors and is fully accessible for both blind and sighted users. 
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the conference location.
    Network: Renaissance Conference
    Password: BarrierBreak

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