About IAAP Accessibility Workshops

IAAP supports accessibility professionals and organizations with education, certifications, and networking. In response to our annual membership survey feedback, IAAP has orchestrated in-depth workshops on the third day of the Summit. The workshops are separate from the content delivered in the general session on the third day.   

Participants have options when registering for the Workshop Event Pass. Options include 2-Day + 3rd-Day Workshop or 3rd-Day Workshop Pass ONLY

When registering for the 2-Day + 3rd-Day Workshop, options to choose which Workshop you would like to attend will be provided at the bottom of the second registration page.  

Available Workshops

Foundations for Mobile Accessibility

The Mobile Accessibility Workshop will discuss ways your development teams can bring accessibility into the mobile development lifecycle. This workshop is appropriate for developers, project managers, and product owners.

Learn more and register for Foundations for Mobile Accessibility

Document Accessibility Foundational Techniques

The Document Accessibility Foundational Techniques Workshop will teach participants the critical aspects of document accessibility and what is required to make digital documents accessible at a foundational level. 

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Inclusive UX: Study, Design and Delivery

This highly interactive workshop will teach you how to include users with disabilities in you next round of product user testing. You’ll learn, and get to apply, tips and tricks from seasoned experts on logistics, participant recruitment, preparations, and tools. 

Learn more and register for Inclusive UX: Study, Design and Delivery